UES Fall Campaign was a Success!

Our UES community is incredible. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your role in helping make the PTO Fall Campaign a huge success! We received participation forms from over 90 percent of our students and we raised a total of $14,610.76 for University Elementary School.
Congratulations to the following classes who achieved 100 percent participation in turning in their forms and earned a bonus recess:
Mrs. Killion’s Kindergarten Class
Mrs. Kopp’s First Grade Class
Ms. Kroll’s First Grade Class
Mrs. McGarry’s First Grade Class
Mrs. Schroeder’s First Grade Class
Mrs. Cowden’s Second Grade Class
Mrs. Harpring’s Second Grade Class
Mrs. Sheet’s Second Grade Class
Mrs. Case’s Third Grade Class
Ms. Wiggin’s Third Grade Class
Mrs. Loudermilk’s Fourth Grade Class
Mrs. Piekarsky’s Fourth Grade Class
Ms. Goldstein’s Fifth Grade Class
Ms. Cerwinski’s Sixth Grade Class
Congratulations to the following students who won a prize during the lunch time drawings:
Name on the Marquee Winners:
Shannie Lin (McGarry)
Aadya Misra (Breeden)
Weiran (Peter) Hao (Sheets)
Caleb Li (Wiggins)
Elijah Todd (Schroeder)
Office Helper Winners:
Yasmine Utterback (Goldstein)
Sophia Craiuto (Goldstein)
Jana Chen (Ihle)
Elizabeth Smith (Ihle)
Secret Garden Tour Winners:
Eileen Han (Wiggins)
Algy Belle (Kroll)
Oliver Garner-Hahn (Wiggins)
Yoshi Bielick (Sheets)
Tessa McKim (Wiggins)
Hidden Treasures Tour Winners:
Adrian Rheam (Cerwinski)
Jonathan Staten (Kinkead)
Behind the Scenes Tour Winners:
Leona Wang (Tolomei)
Zach Pearcy (Ihle)
Vivian Moellers (Piekarsky)
Gift Card Winners:
Braylee Rhodes (Kopp)
Jay Grimes (Sparks)
Sibaal Adeel (Wiggins)
Quinten Theiler (Wagner)
Rena Cohen (Cerwinski)